Mark & Jennifer Wedding Day 1 - Thornybush Game Reserve


What an amazingly awesome event! Mark &  Jennifer had their 5 day wedding celebration at Thornybush Game Reserve and I was the privileged one to witness and document this extraordinary event.  Approximately one hundred and  fifty friends and family collectively travelled 2,247,000km here and back and came from 19 different countries to join Mark & Jennifer! It was mind blowing!!!

I only documented three of the 5 days and I can tell you that is was one of the most spectacular weddings ever!! For me, precious memories to cherish! Not only was I the official photographer but the group treated me as one of their own! Given the different cultures and nationalities I had a lot of interesting conversation.  Strong bonds and friendships were formed and the energy and sprit of the group was just overwhelming! 

I will do three posts with highlight of the specific day!

The first day started with all the ladies being entertained by the Roots of Rhythm Tribal Dancers.  The ladies was divided into groups and was given a few lessons in the art of African Dance.  This event was thoroughly enjoyed by the ladies and it was evident in the hysterical laughters as some discovered that they suddenly had two left feet and could not distinguish  between left and right!!

The evening the group was surprised with a Bush Dinner in a dry river bed, it was PERFECT!!!! Congratulations to the staff of Thornybush Game Reserve it was magnificent!!!

Looking forward to post Day 2's Pictures........


Love Louise xxx




Bush Dinner


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