Mark & Jennifer Wedding Day 2 - Thorny Bush Game Reserve

Day two started with a visit to Rhino Revolution's Rhino Orphanage.  It was a bit of a somber atmosphere as the people listened in disbelieve to the statistics of how many Rhino are illegally poached and slaughtered for their horns. Indeed a eye opener!  Jennifer is very passionate about rhinos and is actively involved in the conservation of the specie. She is such a inspiration to all of us!

The evening of the 2nd day was time for the Indian Engagement Ceremony.  It was my first and I absolutely loved it!!  The indian Engagement Ceremonies are known to be very elaborate and opulent and are held in a very traditional manner. The engagement ceremony is also know as the sagai ceremony and it marks the beginning of the wedding.

It was such a fun and exciting evening with all the ladies dressed in their colourful sarees and the men in their traditional indian outfits.  All and all a unforgetable evening with a lot of dancing and celebration! 

I disappeared around 22h30 because the next day was the big wedding! Cant wait to share it with you!!!








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