Shane & Maria

Ulusaba Private Game Reserve - Safari Elopement

"True love

is the joy if life"

John Clark

After months and months of e-mails and arrangements the time for Shane & Maria's romantic Safari elopement arrived. Arriving at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve they were welcomed with warmth and phenomenal pleasure! The beginning of their dream wedding, in the middle of the African Wilderness surrounded by the rugged beauty of Africa.

Maria looked overwhelmingly beautiful and Shane was blown away when she walked down the steps to Lower Deck where the ceremony was conducted. The sparkle between these two was spine- tingling and I was over the moon trying to catch all the moments.

Shane & Maria, your safari wedding was a genuine phenomenal experience for me! You are a couple with so much zest for life it is remarkable! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me!

Until we meet again!

Lots of Love

Louise xxx




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