Neil & Wanda Wedding 

Wedding Photographer

Thornybush Private Game Reserve

“I’d rather spend a lifetime with you then to live all the ages of this world alone.”

from the movie, “Lord of the Rings”

What a breathtaking wedding!!! Neil & Wanda got married at the world renowned Thornybush Private Game Reserve just outside Hoedspruit.  It was an extraordinary beautiful day in the bush and even a elephant decided to be the wedding crasher for the day!

Wanda was dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown that perfectly complimented her gorgeous groom neatly dressed in his navy blue suit and red tie! They made the perfect wedding couple.  The ceremony was conducted under a huge Leadwood Tree on the banks of the river and everybody was amazed and bedazzled about the beauty of this setting! We had such a fun with the couple shoot and a willing buffalo added a bit of excitement as he very carefully posed with the couple! (Or should I say the couple carefully posed with the buffalo!!!) We were blessed with beautiful golden sunlight and the day could not be more perfect!

After sundowners in the riverbed the fantastic staff of Thornybush surprised everybody with most magical reception setting with hundreds of lights and and candles! You guys are amazing!

Neil & Wanda, I had such a good time and thank you for your patience with me pushing you into bushes and parading you on and of the game vehicle just to get the perfect pictures! Once again I feel so blessed and thankful for the talent and the opportunity to make your special memories MAGICAL!!

Lots of Love

Louise xxx



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