Ricky & Felicia - {Ulusaba Destination Wedding Photographer}

Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

"You stole my heart but I will let you keep it"

OH my goodness, this was one of those goosebumps, tingel in my spine, hop over the moon weddings!!! (Hope you get the idea!!) Gorgeous on every level possible!!!

Ricky & Felicia, both medial doctors from the States, thought it best to book a flight and get married in South Africa.  Honoured as I can be I was their Wedding Photographer! The two most amazing people! They made magic that day.  The love and the energy they have for each other is something that I can not explain but these photographs can! It was pure and ecstatic!!!

Ricky and Felicia, wow what a experience! You guys are simply amazing!!! Even through the tough times not seeing each other for days and working terrible hours you still manage to keep that spark going.  I pray that that spark will keep on going and grow stronger with time! It was great meeting you and I feel honoured to have witnessed your wedding and captured your magic moments.


Lots of Love



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