Dan & Jenna

Kapama Private Game Reserve Wedding 

Destination Weddings in Africa is becoming more and more popular by the day! Meet Dan & Jenna, a beautiful couple from New Jersey in the States. For them it was a dream coming true! A wedding with no stress no fuss in the middle of the bushveld just the two of them.  It is quite extraordinary, you know that there is all kinds of silences that you experience in life, for example the silence after a rainstorm, the silence of being alone but not being lonely and then there is the silence of the bushveld.  The silence of the bushveld can actually speak, its voice touches your soul without your ears hearing a sound! It is indeed a magical experience!

It was yet another breathtaking wedding, Jenna wearing an elegant dress with the most fabulous bead work! It just popped the contrast of the dry bushveld.

At Kapama Private Game Reserve next to a dam the two of them got married. But dont think for one moment that it was boring or dull with just the two of them! No, we had big laughs and a lot of interesting stories to share, it was indeed a joyous affair. To add to the magical dynamics of this day we were entertained with lions roaring  in a distance.  We all jumped in the safari vehicle to share in this magnificent sighting.  If you go through the blog post you will see that we got a shot with the lions in the background.  So exciting!! Karen Blixen once said that you know that you are truly alive when you live amongst lions! 

Dan & Jenna, definitely a special one to remember! Being your wedding photographer, bridesmaid, best friend and witness for the day was such an honour!!! I hope that your marriage will be blessed and that you will return to Africa to gather more memories.

Lots of Love




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